Seattle-based S3Global is a pioneer in the science of human athletic movement and performance using Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. It was founded by CEO, Jeff Alger and Laurence Leydier, Chief Performance Architect. Alger is a former Senior Microsoft Engineer responsible for leading the development of multiple products. He is an expert in Computer Vision, Data Analytics, Database Technology, Robotics and Human Computer Interaction as well as 30 years of coaching amateur soccer in the US. He is also one of the world’s foremost Ball Physics experts and the founder of S3G's Football Training Systems sister company SEATTLE SPORT SCIENCES

Leydier is an accomplished entrepreneur and seasoned authority in business strategy. He brings a unique blend of expertise and proprietary technology to S3G. As a technology visionary, he has extensive experience creating and refining cutting-edge technologies including 3D Motion Capture. As a football coach, he holds the UEFA A badge along with USSF A, and NSCAA Master Coach & International Goal Keeping licenses. Leydier brings a distinctively new approach to football performance analysis, including techniques, skills, tactics, and match analysis.

The company was founded in order to solve the most difficult challenges for coaches and senior decision makers in the world of football by providing a deeper understanding of “Why” things happen related to individual and group performance and “How” to affect improvement and decision making. S3G’s pioneering science illuminates the most inaccessible and complex areas and relationships of performance and human movement, the nuances and intricacies of sport.

S3Global is proud to recieve invaluable R&D support from the world's foremost research leaders in Computer Vision an Artificial Intelligence including NVIDIA, Google Brain and Open CV. S3G illuminates player development, scouting, tactical analytics, individual skill and performance metrics, academy and squad management. With operations in the US, UK and Spain, we are currently focused on the sport of football (soccer), but will expand into other sports in due course.